About the laboratory

We are focusing on the aging problem of steel structures in various scales, and our research activities covered the maintenance management and high durability design of steel structures. We are challenging a new research mode, expanding our research to a broader range of perspectives according to the lab tests and field tests, the methodology across multiple academic disciplines associated with chemistry, electrochemistry, material science, space statistic method, mechanics, and so on.

We have tried to elucidate the deterioration mechanism of steel structures through phenomena in the fundamental researches, and proposed methods to predict the progress of deterioration and the fatal damage. Besides, based on the research findings, we are working on the development of new technologies, such as damage prediction sensor, aging deterioration simulation, corrosion monitoring, damage resuscitation, durability enhancement, etc.

Also, we are working on the implementation research that applies the developed technology in practices. Many collaboration projects accomplished together with other research institutes and companies in various fields. As a result, we made achievements on cultivating highly professional personnel who specialize in chemistry, electrochemistry, material science, and so on.

Students in our laboratory are challenging the academically and technically difficult research in collaboration with joint research institutes in different fields sedulously. Now and future, we are devoting and will always using the comprehensive strength to help people grow into excellent researchers and engineers.